Artist Johannes Rave

Johannes Rave

Johannes Rave studied painting and drawing at the Kunstakademie Stuttgart with Professor R. Hägele and R. Schoofs. In 1986 – as a freelance artist – his career began. His passion for art grew until he chose to specialize in abstract paintings. Johannes Rave gained a scholarship by Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg (Germany) which gave him the opportunity to travel to the continents of Africa and Asia. These continents enthused his love for strong colour and nonfigurative shape which then became central topics of his work. He presently resides in Germany and Thailand where he runs an art studio. His pictures represent the reader’s sentiment when reading Andrew Weale’s short story  ‚The Mini Suns of London‘.

Website of the Artist

How did you get in contact with the project group at HdM?

Volker Jansen and I first met each other at an event where he gave an inspiring speech. Coincidentally we set at the same table and we entered into a lively conversation. We then decided spontaneously to collaborate on a project together. A few months later I received the narrative ‚The Mini Suns of London‘ from him.

Has the project met your expectations?

Of course it has! I am delighted, it couldn’t be better. I love the text.

What was your intention for writing the story / the artwork?

Andrew’s story is a narrative of light and darkness. I translated Andrew’s ideas into a series of abstract paintings. My paintings reflect the transition of the narrative from depression into happiness and from happiness into depression again.

Would you contribute to another project with HdM?

Anytime! I always love to see people wondering about abstract paintings. Many people have difficulty in understanding my translations of text into abstract art. I love translating complex stories into a series of simple strokes. Simplicity is the key.