Author Andrew Weale


Andrew Weale ist he winner of the Red House Children’s Book Award 2013. He gained a scholarship to Oxford University to study Latin and Greek, but his real interests lied in acting, dancing and singing. When he left the University to set up his own theatre company and besides acting he has become a writer with particular love for children’s books. Andrew Weale also works as a lecturer for an MA course on picture books, and he gives regular presentations and trainings. He wrote the Mini Suns of London during a summer break in 2016.

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How did you get in contact with the project group at HdM?

Through my dear friend Prof. Volker Jansen, whom I first met a few years ago on a course in London. From that first meeting came three collaborations, as Volker was eager to work with me as a children’s writer. The first project was a rendering of one of my first stories, Stinky Cinderella. However, my favourite collaboration was The Do Not Open This Book Book, which is now a multi award winner, thanks to the amazing visual imagination of Wolf Peter Steinheisser and the amazing creativity and hard work of the HdM students. -Weale

Has the project met your expectations?

I haven’t yet seen the pictures that will accompany my story, but Prof. Jansen has kept me firmly in the loop and so far the speed with which the project has proceeded has exceeded my expectations, as will I am sure the quality of the two books about to go into production. -Weale

What was your intention for writing the story?

I am a Londoner. The development in the city over the last few years has been radical. In my own area, Elephant and Castle, there is now a brutal policy of ‘regeneration’ and gentrification. To satisfy the housing needs of the affluent people flowing into the area, developers are erecting square box buildings of almost unimaginable ugliness. They blot the landscape and blank out the sky. My story is a reaction to this. A reductio ad absurda. -Weale

Would you contribute to another project with HdM?

You bet. I love your work. What author wouldn’t want to do a book with you guys! I could not do this kind of project with a conventional publisher. It is only with you that I can do something original, unique. -Weale