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The two books and the web page are the result of a comprehensive design, creative print and book project at Hochschule der Medien, Stuttgart which as carried out by students of the Faculty Print & Media in conjunction with a lecture in Binding and Finishing given by Professor Volker Jansen. The project was conducted over the time span of one term in 2016/2017.

The Students: (Group 1)

  • Florian Sander
  • Manuel Aubele
  • Mengying Ma
  • Michael Weinmann
  • Müberra Simsek
  • Nicholas Sinclair
  • Oliver Petschel
  • Tessa-Marijana Cubelic
  • Timo Wenzel
  • Wanxin Liu
  • Zhe Yang

The Students: (Group 2)

  • Andreea Târnoveanu
  • Anna Legostayeva
  • Carolin Reising
  • Christoph Heckel
  • Elisa Fonfara
  • Florian Nufer
  • Katharina Rapp
  • Laura Deurer
  • Laura Priselac
  • Ricardo Martinez Roman
  • Sebastian Seipel

Web Development:

  • Katharina Rapp
  • Laura Priselac
  • Sebastian Seipel

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peyer graphic GmbH
Diana Girbach

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Volker Jansen

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